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Zyra per Martiret


The servant of God priest Shtjefen Kurti


Father Jak,                     Mother Katrine.

Born in Ferizaj (Urosevac) Kosovo on the 24 December 1898

Baptised on the …… ………confirmed on the………..

from the diocese of Skopje and later he was transferred to the diocese of Durrës (now Archdiocese Tirana-Durrës). He was Ordained priest in Rome on the 13 May 1924. He studied in the beginning in his own country later on in Graz, Feldkirch and in Innsbruck Austria and later on in Rome.

Parish priest of the in Gjakova (Kosovo) mountains for a long time. In Albania he was the parish priest in Zheje and in 1930 in Gures (Laç Kurbin). From 1936 he was the parish priest in Tirana.

He was arrested for the first time in Tirana on the 28 October 1946 and imprisoned in the beginning in Tirana and later on in Burrel.

He was sentenced to death but his sentence was Changed to 20 years imprisonment. He was set free on the 02 May 1963 after 17 years imprisonment.

He was 48 years old when he entered prison and when he was 61 years old he was set free. He was sentenced with 30 years of forced labour after he was released they sent him to Gurez, to live in a barracks.

Again they arrested him in Gurez on the 11 June 1970 and sentenced him to death. He was 73 years old.

He was imprisoned in the beginning in Fushe – Kruje and later on he was shot on the 20 October 1971.

In 1929, together with same others:    Fr. Luigj Gashin and Fr. Gjon Bisakun, he wrote a memorandum to the authority of Geneva in protection of the Albanians in Kosovo. The Yugoslavian government wanted to arrest him. In 1929, he was forced to runway from the Serbs, and came back to Albania, together with Fr. Luigjin and Fr. Gjonin.

In 1946 when they arrested him for the first time they proposed that he separate from the Vatican, and found a national Church and he would be the head of it, but Fr. Shtjefni didn’t accept.

In 1970 even though it was forbiden to administer the Sacraments the Communists purposely sent a lady to him to baptise her son in order to trick him. Fr, Shtjefni accepted and baptised the boy secretly because of  this, but in reality this was only on excuse to arrest him, again they arrested him and sentenced him to death.


titujt kryesore


Fr. Shtjefen Kurti



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